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• Welcome to ZebulonMagic Magician's Amusement Lounge.

We have had some good feed back from our members with
Suggestions and ideas, after all this site is for you to enjoy,
So thanks for the support.

If any of you like making flash and think it would be
suitable for the magician's lounge please send it to us.
If you have a magic site and would like to put one of our
Flash Magic Tricks on your site please Contact Us

Here's what the Magician's Lounge has to offer.

Interactive Flash Magic

Online interactive Magic tricks made in flash.
We have also have added a download option so you can keep them.
Most computers have the Macromedia Flash© pug in,
If you can see "You have flash installed" in red letters below you have already it.
If you can't see this Download it here


We have some great games to play which can be downloaded and played on your computer. Classic's like Solitaire & Snake, Hope you Enjoy them.
They are very small files made with flash so you can even send them to you friends

Desktop Wallpaper

If your like myself and get bored of the same old Wallpapers and like to change it often I have created this section for you. At the moment we only have a few so if you would like to contribute your own designs then please email them to me.
We only want wallpapers you design please don't take them from other sites without permission. All wallpapers will be credited so please send your name.


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